Min. Jonathan Jones

  Jonathan is a native of North Carolina born in Winston Salem NC. He is the youngest son of James F. Jones Sr. and Ramona Jones. Jonathan began his spiritual walk in high school in the 10th grade and was helped by his older brother James F. Jones II in his early years. It was during his high school years where he had an encounter with God, committed his life and agreed that if God would teach him what the Bible is saying he would teach freely anyone else who wanted to learn. It was in this first discussion with God where he learned Colossians 2:6-7, and that he was to walk in and be built up in his faith the same way he got saved, by faith and application.

     He went on to college at NC State University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was at NC State where he first heard the call from God to preach and then to shepherd. He also developed a great biblical foundation from teachers like Dr. Pam Banks-Lee, Pastor Sheldon Murphy,  Pastor Reginald Stepney, and a multitude of student ministers at the on campus church United Student Fellowship whose goal was to “win them, train them, and send them.”

     Jonathan’s main focus in his teaching is the practical application of what God actually says in the Bible. Many people told him he missed his calling. He would always say he didn’t miss it, he just ran from it. There is a time and a season for all things and even though he delayed in starting this portion of his walk, in 2017 the Lord told him it was time to move forward.




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