Young Missionary Temple CME Church
2901 Sanderford Road
 Raleigh, NC 27610
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Young’s Chapel CME Church, which many called "Cotton Street Church" was organized and built in 1916 under the leadership of the late Reverend Young. The members were small in number, but large in Spirit. The building, during this time, was a one-room structure facing Cotton Street.  Many pastors served faithfully during the years that followed. Through the dedication of the members, the Sunday School annex was added in 1954.

Under the leadership of Reverend J. N. Leverette, the sanctuary was rebuilt in 1956 to face State Street in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The Missionary Society of the North Carolina Conference donated the stain glass windows, which were dedicated in honor of the Missionary Society Presidents in the Carolina Conference.  During the dedication of the stained glass windows, the church’s name was changed to Young Missionary Temple CME Church.

On March 8, 1998, the church moved to its current edifice located at 2901 Sanderford Road, Raleigh, North Carolina.  On July 23, 2010, Reverend Ronald L. White, Sr. became the 36th pastor of our church.  He has birthed several new ministries; and the congregation is excited about his vision for the future.  

Christian Perfection:  Every Christian must strive for perfection and should evidence some progress in that direction.

Universal Redemption:  Jesus Christ died for all people and that all people can be saved. Acceptance by Jesus Christ has nothing to do with one's status in life or with one's position or possessions.

Justification by Faith:  A person is saved by faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ alone. The service of the Christian life is an expression of one's faith. It is the unmerited love of God in Jesus Christ, that men and women are saved and not because of anything they do.

The Witness of the Holy Spirit:  The inner certainty which each Christian can have that he/she is a child of God as well as the conviction that God is at work in the world and in the life of the believer bringing about His Kingdom gives credence to the witness of the Holy Spirit in the believer's life.

Falling from Grace:  The real possibility that a Christian can live in such a way that he/she rejects God's grace even though it was once accepted.

The Sacraments:  Are "visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace" instituted by Jesus Christ. There are two sacraments observed by our Church: Baptism and The Lord's Supper.  

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